Meet the Team: Joanna!


964101_4818210216671_1799791740_o-2Hey everyone! My name is Joanna Dominguez and I am a graduating senior at the Rutgers College of Nursing. My other major is in Journalism & Media Studies (kind of the opposite of nursing, I know!), but both my majors will definitely help a lot this summer, as I will be in charge of the implementation of the Health Education ToolKit with TT, the media photography/video with Dan, as well as the website maintenance with Aasim. I cannot wait for the internship this summer, as I feel like I’ve been preparing for it my entire college career!

I have been involved with GlobeMed for two years now, acting as the graphic design maven of sorts for a lot of our communications/event marketing. When I’m not busy with school or GlobeMed, my favorite pastimes include immersing myself in ethnic fiction and poetry, crafting and revising my own oeuvre, and going on foodie adventures with my friends. As for any hidden talents, I have a fairly non-discriminant photographic memory, which helps a lot during exams and the occasional travels. And if you count being a “genius, billionaire, playgirl (okay, maybe not), philanthropist” as a collective superpower, à la Tony Stark, I’d like to be that. You can call me Iron Girl.


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