Meet the Team: Aasim!

growpictureHey my name is Aasim Chaudhry. I’m currently a sophomore at Rutgers University, class of 2016. My academic interests lie in a mix of Biology, Computer Science, and Public Health. In my free time I like to practice photography, read books that enrich my connection with life or broaden my perspectives, hit the gym for powerlifting, cruise down long stretches of road on sunny days with my longboard, or just listen to some alternative/indie/rock/orchestrated/movie soundtrack music. During my time with GlobeMed, I’ve served as a general member who worked on organizing a benefit concert, designed campaign advertisements for the communications team, and now I’m working under the public relations division and in our finances department. What I’m really looking forward to during the GROW internship this summer is the chance to make some new friends in Cambodia who share the same passion of improving both public health and the overall well-being of humanity. I guess my GROW profile wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t mention a superpower I’d like to have so for now I would definitely go with ability to fly. The possibilities flying could bring into my life are endless. I could be like Superman and carry people away from danger and into safety. And I guess I could save my friends on the GROW team from having to buy plane tickets to Cambodia by flying them there one by one in my arms like a superhero.


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