Global giving and GROW

It is hard to believe that in less than two months, on May 21st, we will be flying to Phnom Penh. In these final weeks, we are preparing as much as possible and getting really excited for the trip! at our last meeting, we invited last year’s GROW team to share their experiences, attempted to learn the Khmer alphabet, and discussed program development. Our first weekend in Cambodia will be spent at Angkor Wat, the beautiful and famous temple complex that is so important it appears on the Cambodian flag! Except for those three weeks however, we will be working right along side of the staff of CSSD!

Skyping with Mr. Chanthan is fun and educational. We Skype on a biweekly basis and often get to speak to other members of the staff as well. Trying to gauge what they need from our GROW team and trying to pick up Khmer words, it is always an interesting Skype call!

Mostly what we have learned is the importance of our individual giving campaign. By Skyping, we have the opportunity to place a face to the dollar amount. The money donated isn’t going to some women in a country I have never been to, it is going to, for example, Channa, who has a name and a face and a laugh and is working very hard in the cause that she believes in, who I will meet in a matter of weeks! Our goal is to raise $5,000 in the month of April. We need everyone’s support and help to reach this amount. I am confident that our community will band together in the name of global partnership, solidarity, and global health equity!

Here is the link to our donation page:


Thank you for your support of GROW, of GlobeMed, and of global partnership!