Meet the team 2013: Gabby

Gabby Slomicz

GROW coordinator


Year of graduation: 2014

Public Health major, Biological Sciences minor

Also vice president of the Rutgers University Vegetarian Society and and Alternative Break Site Leader.

When not studying or being involved with GlobeMed or my other organizations, I like to take walks, spend time with my friends, read, and go to on-campus events.

Hidden talents: I played viola for 7 years, I’m great at dancing awkwardly, and I can recite the seven deadly sins really fast.

A New Year’s resolution: To write more letters, to more people.

I’m very excited about getting to know our partner, CSSD, and the community they work with. I’m excited to become friends with the staff and learn how they work and how they hang out! This is going to be a great year to really work on our knowledge of nonprofit and NGO work as well, so I am ready to be challenged in researching and preparing for the internship.

The 2013 GROW team!

Hello everyone!

My name is Gabby and I am the GROW coordinator for the 2013 GROW internship! I am beyond excited to get started on planning this year’s trip and all that we are going to do!
How is this year’s internship going to be different? I’m glad you asked! Below are some preliminary ideas, that though are subject to change, are more likely just going to be tweaked and perfected.

1) We’re going to be in Cambodia for around 6 weeks! This is to get more experience working with CSSD, to get to know the culture and the people more, and to have a larger impact with our work. We’ll also be able to bring back more experience to Rutgers University, building on the experiences of previous interns!

2) We’re going to be focusing on capacity building for CSSD. We will be funding a project for the organization as a GlobeMed staff, but the GROW team’s job is to learn about grant writing, report writing, proposal writing, social enterprise, and overall nonprofit management to work with the CSSD staff to increase their capacity. We will be doing this through pre-trip research, workshops, and preparation, apart from the regularly scheduled pre-trip meetings that focus on logistics and cultural training. We will be in continuous contact with the CSSD staff so that we are always updated on their needs.

3) We are going to be pulling in all of the staff members who can teach us about the skills we need, to make preparing for GROW a complete team effort!

4) We’re going to be a group of four fabulous ladies! This is a slightly smaller group than GROW 2012. Each one will be featured in future blog posts!

That is all for now! Once winter break is over, we are going to be cracking down!

We are all really excited and really honored to be able to participate in such an opportunity! Adventure on!

With much GlobeMed love,